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Full download umlaut audio motors kontakt

Full download umlaut audio motors kontakt

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Full download umlaut audio motors kontakt
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Innovate with rhythmic variation. Exclusively crafted to create tonal and rhythmic pulses.
3 variations per loop - perfect when you want variations within the same motif.
unique loop legato mode : change variations on the fly with keyswitches, without interrupting the groove.
extensive array of modulation options via envelopes, lfos and step sequencers
powerful fx section offering both inserts and send effects for a range of possibilities
carefully designed to ease the workflow of media composers
The Organic presets include clean and mellow loops that work best in musical situations where subtlety is key. Shift the patterns in time with the layer offset controls and you get limitless rhythmic variation with the same set of loops.
The Complex presets comprise of grittier source loop timbres embedded with a host of modulations and effects, to use in situations requiring more powerful rhythmic patterns.
The Experimental presets aim to showcase the weirder possibilities of the instrument. Utilising the modulation sources and effects to their extremes, these presets will add a touch of an unorthodox sound to your music.
MOTORS offers two layers of soundsources, each layer holds a rhythmic loop with 3 inherent variations.
The same loops are available on both layers so you can mix and match as you please. Layer Controls include Amplitude Envelope, Panning, Filter Options and Send Effect Controls. If youve used PADS before, this will feel like a natural extension.
With the powerful combination of 3 Variations per layer, Individual Layer Offset Controls and three 32 Step Sequencers at your disposal, fine-tuning the loops to match your visions is just a few clicks and tweaks away.
MOTORS has 3 Modulators, each of which can be an Envelope, LFO or Sequencer. Each of these Mod Sources can be assigned to a variety of Layer and Global Parameters for an extensive array of modulation possibilities.
You can magnify the sequencer window and to add more tweaks to the step patterns. This gives you complete control of your rhythms subtleties.
The powerful Effects section in MOTORS includes a set of Switchable Insert FX per layer, a set of Global FX and a SENDS Section with 2 Delays and Reverbs. Combining these creates a universe of joyful possibilities to experiment with.

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